Run Nurse Run-Nursing Apps-NCLEX Exam Study Break App

Run Nurse Run,

Run Nurse Run:

Run Nurse Run is a never ending runner game and part puzzle problem solving where you avoid zombies & other creatures in a mental hospital to score more points!

Makes fun entertainment for nurses on duty or nurses studying for nursing school.

Run Nurse Run is part puzzle/problem solving and running through this mental hospital avoiding zombies and other enemies. Will the Zombies break out of the mental hospital and take over the world? Not if nurses can help it. Avoid Zombies, flying syringes, janitors carts, carts full of toilet paper, the ambulance of death, sharks, time clocks, crazy bees and more!

Keep running, score points and get on the leader board by consuming donuts, finding and grabbing more stethoscopes and emergency medical kits, green pills, eating oranges and killing zombies! Nurses love donuts and oranges!

Jump on top of pill bottles or push them over to get around the zombies that are trying to take over the mental hospital.

Be careful not to take the wrong path or open the wrong door! A zombie or other enemies could be on the other side.

EXPLORE behind the hidden doors that, if you can get to the other side, allow you to gain access to donuts and other rewards.
MOVE and push boxes to destroy zombies.
HOP on a surfboard to avoid killer sharks inside parts of the flooded mental hospital.
If nothing else, RUN NURSE RUN!

Three additional nurse characters offered as in app purchases for this nursing apps.

Great game to play when you are taking a break from your nursing study guide or nurse exam.